Hyra Entertainment launched in 2019 by Varghese Hygin and Rajesh Xavier. It became
dream child because of sincere love towards world of music and entertainment.
We wanted to have a easily accessible place for all the music loving talents & artists from west to east and south north in the world creating, performing, sharing their works for the mass audience.
Our target areas to make the music fraternity happy and enjoy the pieces so that we can
proudly say with confidence that we cherished with the motto of “MUSIC a GOD GIFT-CREATE ,SHARE & ENJOY the GIFT ””

Our innovative efforts & channelizing help us to give music talents to achieve the following milestones:

• Produce music
• Great Fan followers
• Hit the Hit charts
• Multimedia promotions
• Stage shows
• Brand developments

Our contents submitters get valuable, modern techniques ,professional support totally FREE OF COST from our valuable mentors.

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